Our Services

We work closely with our clients’ senior management to assess organizational needs and develop programs to improve workplace performance. This includes:

  • designing and delivering employee assistance, work/life and organizational consulting services
  • training and coaching managers and supervisors to be more effective leaders
  • providing customized training programs to address identified workplace issues
  • offering wellness seminars and programs to improve the health and well-being of employees
  • protecting employers’ investment in the substance abuse treatment of their employees by decreasing the probability of relapse through long-term care management and monitoring
  • supporting team members with onsite critical incident service or crisis telephonic management

Nontraditional Clients

In addition to the standard organizations for whom we provide services, we also work with nontraditional clients. For example, colleges or universities can use an EAP to provide health and wellness services to their students. This is our Student Assistance program.

Additionally, many hospitals are beginning to offer their own insurance programs, and Reach EAP can supplement those services in a cost-efficient way.