If you are a broker who needs to provide EAP services to your clients, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation to discuss the service options available. If you need a quote for services, please complete the form on our request a quote page.

The Reach Advantage

Reach provides highly customizable EAP services tailored to meet the needs of your clients, including:

  • organizational assessments
  • crisis services
  • customized training
  • wellness services
  • life coaching
  • mental health first aid
  • work-life services

If your client has budgeted for an EAP, we can work with you to create a service package that meets their needs while staying within their budget. We recognize that not all businesses need the same services, so we work to customize a plan that provides only the programs they require.

We also provide individualized consulting services that can address current problems your client is facing. For example, if they are experiencing a high rate of unplanned call-outs, we can analyze the causes and work to lower absentee rates. These ad hoc consultations can help resolve issues that arise from time to time, which ultimately leads to long-term cost reductions and increased efficiency and productivity.

Nontraditional Clients

In addition to the standard organizations for whom we provide services, we also work with nontraditional clients.

For example, colleges or universities can use an EAP to provide health and wellness services to their students. Many hospitals are beginning to offer their own insurance programs, and an EAP can supplement those services in a cost-efficient way. If you have a client who is not among the traditional EAP clients, chances are we can tailor a program to meet their needs.