How it Works

After we contract with an organization to provide services, our first point of contact is their Human Resources department. Our program works best when we serve as an extension of this department and implement our on-site programs through them. We also familiarize ourselves with the company’s processes and policies, such as their drug and alcohol policies.

Our next step is employee orientation. We meet with the employees for whom the benefit is provided to let them know the services we have available. We familiarize them with our contact information and the process for making use of each service. They are also made aware of our confidentiality policies.

We provide training for supervisors, giving them the information they need to help employees take advantage of our EAP. This training may also include courses specific to supervisors, such as conflict management. We teach them how to handle employee-related problems but also educate them on situations where employees should be directed to make use of our services.

After the initial orientation, we are available for on-site employee and supervisor seminars that address a number of workplace issues. Some of these are offered regularly, while others are provided on an ad hoc basis. Common topics include stress management, communication skills, healthy relationships, time management, customer service excellence, effective parenting, sexual harassment awareness, and substance abuse education.

We send out monthly newsletters for employees and supervisors to update them on important topics and available services. The company also receives a quarterly usage report showcasing the number of employees taking advantage of this benefit along with data on the types of issues employees are dealing with. This report is coupled with a composite of quarterly workplace activities completed by Reach. The yearly outcome report also includes employees' overall satisfaction and quality of life changes as the result of using Reach services.