Easy Connect


Through our eSessionCONNECT service students have live-chat access to Master’s-level behavioral health professionals. Reach provides around-the-clock online professional assistance to students to help them manage personal concerns, emotional issues, academic stress, career development and the demands of daily and family obligations. 24-hour live support is available by phone or email which allows access to instant online counseling and face-to-face behavioral health assessments and referral assistance. Online assistance for students also includes Life/Career Coaching to assist with career paths, performance improvement, work/life balance, life transitions and career advancement.

Student Assistant WorkLife Web

WorkLife Web is a web-based resource offering assistance and resource information to help balance academic and home life responsibilities. Reach’s state-of-the-art WorkLife Web includes: 

  • Regularly update information and links
  • Downloadable articles and tip sheets
  • Self-search provider databases for summer camps, education resources, pet sitters, attorneys, financial advisors, volunteer opportunities, and more
  • Legal and medical encyclopedias
  • Monthly webinars
  • Financial and Daily Living calculators
  • Savings Center providing 25 to 70 percent discounts on name-brand merchandise
  • Spanish-language content
  • Skill Builders

To preview our WorkLife website, please visit http://reachworklife.powerflexweb.com.      Enter USERNAME: college PASSWORD: reach